Our equipment have proved to be successful in over 150 biogas plants.

Hertel GbR Möschwitz 325 kW electrical



  • Grass silage
  • Whole plant silage
  • Maize silage
  • Straw
  • Landscaping material
  • Manure / Liquid manure

"From the beginning our plant has been running smoothly and realiably. We no longer have floating layers due to bioextrusion and a surplus in biogas of 19% for the applied substrates in comparison to the KTBL* list."

* Bureau for technology and construction in agriculture


H. Hertel, agriculturalist and operator of the biogas plant Möschwitz municipality of Pöhl / Vogtland region


Gut Dudendorf - MAYER KG 500 kW electrical


Components for new construction of biogas plant:

  • Scrapper chain doser 36 m³
  • Bio-Extruder MSZ B 44e
  • Scraper conveyor angled with drop
  • Belt with metal detector
  • Upstream screw with support construction
  • Control

BGA Stetten 200 kW electrical


Components for retrofitting:

  • Scraper chain doser 15 m³
  • Bio-Extruder MSZ B 44e
  • Discharging conveyor
  • Detector belt with mallet, transfer- and drop well 
  • Control

Erzgebirgische Agrargenossenschaft Forchheim e.G. 400 kW electrical


Components for retrofitting:

  • Bio-Extruder MSZ B 44e
  • Scapper chain doser  36 m³
  • Detector belt
  • Discharging belt
  • Upstream screw with support construction
  • Condense screw with support tube
  • Control

„MSZ-C“ Container with desintegration technologyfor biogas plants

This modular designed container is apllied for the retrofitting of the one-megawatt biogas plant. It can also provided for newly constructed plants.



  • Container with crane
  • Bio-Extruder (im Container)
  • Maintenance platform
  • Detector belt with metal detection, optional: stones mallet
  • Bypass
  • Control (in container or outside)

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