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Biogasomat BGM 2-4/5000

The Biogasomat determines the potential biogas output of fermentation substrates in discontinuous mode.  Depending on the design, it consists of a double-walled stainless steel container with 5000 ml nominal volume (water capacity).It can be operated in mesophilic (38°C) and thermophilic (55°C) zones. The temperature control of the hot-water heating system is carried out on a display located on the control cabin. The dry mater content should not be above 12 %. The applied substrates must be clear of any impurities (stones, metals and so on).


Laboratory Extruder

The custom-built laboratory extruder is used for the decomposition of biogenic raw material by thermo-mechanical disintegration, realized by counter-rotating double screws.
The laboratory extruder can be used for the chopping, defibration (to cell disruption) and intensive mixing with selected additives.
The revolution speed is continuously adjustable with a frequency converter in an area of up to 50 Hz (approx. 10 – 90 rounds per minute). Reversibility can be provided. Materials like metals, glass and sediments should not be processed in the laboratory extruder.

Optionally, additional modules for compacting and inserting biogenic raw materials can be supplied.


The laboratory technology developed by LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH is widely used at laboratories of universities and institutions.
We develop technologies which fit to your tasks. Our technicians look forward to consulting you.

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