Our Testing centre at the site of the model and demonstration biogas plant „BioEnergie Pöhl”

puts us in a position to develop methods with a practical orientation with custom material and to create a basis for the construction of optimal plant technology.


Use our experiences and our establishment!

Testing centre is required for

Examples of experiments

Process development / Optimization

  • new products
  • new technologies
  • further development



  • customer-specific material (proof of properties)
  • ensuring of relevant design values
  • plant optimization
    • fault analysis
    • life time analysis
    • throughput determination
    • consumption values
  • material group combination
    • material values, material properties etc.

The following methods are available:

  • hydrothermal disintegration
  • hydrothermal disintegration / compacting
  • hydrothermal disintegration / compacting / dewatering
  • agglomeration
  • crushing
  • pressing
  • selection of interfering materials
  • fraction separation / dewatering
  • drying
  • laboratory equipment

Our laboratory equipment

  • disintegration in laboratory scale
  • biogas productivity and quality determination with Biogasomat
  • oDM and DM-measurement
  • also as container or trailer solution available

We offer you

  • realizazion of trials
  • participation in research and development projects
  • development and prototyping for biogas components, equipment for processing of renewable raw materials and recycling technology

Equipment of the application centre of Fraunhofer institute IKTS

Container-biogas plant

  • pilot biogas plant 2x5 in container construction with disintegration technology, optional hydrolysis technology for continuous operation
  • projected in cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute IKTS in Dresden, for testing of various, previously substrates unused in biogas


Trial stirring fermenter

pilot fermenter with slendernesss ratio S=1 and S=0,4
gross capacity 1 m³ to 3 m³

  • for stirring trials ans fermentation
  • heatable
  • continuously operable

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