Effective process of industrialized building for the construction of multi-storey housing and commercial building with high diversity of building structure.

Principle of the construction method

Features of ceiling lifting and assembling process

  • All ceilings are monolithic produced, lie on the ceiling one upon the other and are isolated from each other only by a parting compound
  • after the ceilings acquire assembly firmness they are moved alongside supports into final assembly position by means of mechanic/hydraulic lifting unit with use of crow bars /-ropes in package (package ceiling lifting), separately (separate ceiling lifting) or as a complete ceiling (complete ceiling lifting)


Advantages of construction method

  • simplification of  shuttering, armouring and concreting works owing to transport costs decrease at the building site (crane and concrete pumps are not necessary for big heights)
  • shuttering material is needed on ceiling boundary, extensive ceiling shuttering can be dropped completely
  • flat and even ceiling surfaces
  • vertical transport of additional weights on the lifted ceiling possible
  • short construction period
  • weather protection for the fit-out works

Development Results

  • continuous automation of the process
  • increase of geometrical accuracy of the lifting process
  • elimination of possible cases of average during the lifting process owing to self-controlling equipment
  • application of the method for lifting of completely disassembled ceiling
  • development of rules and principles for the assessment and improvement of the building construction

Layout limitting condition

  • The building process serves for construction of multi-storey buildings with skeleton structure
  • Flat ceiling from steel or prestressed concrete with conventional support intervals (5 .... 7,5 m)
  • Supports from steel profiles or steel rectangular concrete sup-
    ports with the constant cross-section through the building height
  • Interval from free ceiling boundary to the first support row 1 m.

Lifting equipment

  • equipment per support:
    • 2 lifting units,
    • 1 hydraulic aggregate
    • control wire for main control cabinet
  • Lifting force per lifting unit 359 kN
  • Lifting speed  "upward" 6 m/h with single step of 30 mm
  • Screw thread shaft as drawbar with nut and connecting nut
  • Application field for the lifting equipment (- 20° C to + 40° C)

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