Our range of equipment for moving heavy loads

  • Hydraulic lifting equipment for the transverse and longitudinal displacement of bridges
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment for lifting and lowering heavy loads

Our services

  1. Consultation during projecting stage
  2. Rendering services by our personnel using our firm-owned equipment
  3. Training of your staff
  4. Rental and sale of equipment

Transverse and longitudinal displacement of bridges

We can offer this service with own equipment to a mass of 6.000 tons. The lifting device primarily used is type "LH 200". These devices work with each one steel rope.


Transverse displacement of Rosenbachtal viaduct (Straßberg)
Devices in action
Transverse displacement of railway bridge Klingenthal
Bridge longitudinal displacement in Küstrin (ring road B1)
Devices in action
Longitudinal displacement of bridge Parey (Elbe-Havel-canal)

Lifting and lowering heavy loads

We can offer this service with own equipment to a mass of 400 tons. The lifting devices used are essentially the same types as for moving.


Lifting the porch roof; reconstruction "Frauenkirche" Dresden
Devices in action
Lowering of the formwork of the new Elbe bridge in Pirna
Lowering of bridge segments; reconstruction Viaduct Cranzahl
Devices in action
Installation of flue gas steel pipes in industrial chimneys in Warsaw

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