scissor-type elevating truck

to remove jacquard machines

Max. lifting capacity 7t (load capacity)
Jackes-in overall height 1800mm (without extension piece)
Hoisting height when loaded 950mm
Hoisting range 1800 -2750mm
Hoisting speed ca. 10mm/Sek. auf-/abwärts)
Length x width ca. 4300 (without drawbar) x 2410mm
Rate to feed max. 5km/h

Scissor-type elevating platform

Max. lifting capacity 3000kg
Platform surface 1850 x 350mm
Hoisting height 500mm
Lower platform level 1000mm
Upper platform level 1500mm
Adjustment hydraulically

Scissor-type elevating truck
Scissor-type elevating platform

Trestle and gantry cranes

  Trestle crane Gantry crane
Lifting capacity 2000kg 2500kg
Headway 4050mm 6000mm
Clearance 3050mm 6000mm
Weight (without hoist) ~485kg ~750kg
  including basic electrical equipment including basic electrical equipment

Hydraulic hoists Herkules 1 and 2

  Herkules 1 Herkules 2
Hoisting power 70kN 100kN
Hiosting distance 250mm 350mm
Mass 30kg 38kg
  Horizontally and vertically applicable Horizontally and vertically applicable

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